Long Term Care

We are the only Long Term Care Pharmacy North of Bangor


St. John Valley Pharmacy is also a licensed Long-Term Care Pharmacy.

St. John Valley Pharmacy is also a licensed Long-Term Care Pharmacy.

Long-Term Care Pharmacies service nursing homes and assisted living facilities. St. John Valley Pharmacy supplies facilities from Fort Kent to Houlton. By using these services, facilities have access to better contracts on routine medication they purchase, lowering their cost of goods. This service comes with 24-hour access to a pharmacy with a licensed pharmacist on call.

At St. John Valley Pharmacy and Riverside Long-Term Care, we are committed to making things easier for Long-Term Care providers by offering professional and friendly service, convenient and consistent delivery, and accurate billing and filling of residents’ medications.


We offer FREE delivery within a 30-mile radius of our pharmacy. We offer fast and consistent delivery to your facility according to your schedule. We understand the importance of timely medication administration, and our experience with Maine weather has never kept us from our obligation to serve our facilities. Our delivery drivers are prompt, professional and reliable.

Also among our superior qualifications:

  • We offer competitive, skilled contract pricing
  • We provide emergency box supplies with starter doses of a wide range of medication
  • We have the ability to print MARS (Medication Administration Records)
  • We will take care of reconciliation of controlled substances
  • We provide medication carts for easy dispensing at the facility
  • We perform on-site inspections of your Drug Storage Facility, to make sure medications are being kept safe
  • We keep an accurate Control record sheet for drug tracking purposes
  • We provide a monthly email newsletter full of information pertinent to patient care
  • We are a member of Managed Healthcare Associates, Inc., a national leader in exceptional healthcare service and savings.